Qualities of the Best Hair Extensions

Qualities of the Best Hair Extensions

The popularity of hair extensions has been on the rise since its inception in the 1980s. Being a hot commodity in the beauty industry since then, it has transformed the lives of countless women all over the world. Enhancing one’s appearance by improving hair quality, it is still a trend in the cosmetic industry until today.

Hair extensions work by adding volume and length to the normal hair. It provides women options to look different with each hair extension done on their hair. There are various kinds of hair extensions. Some are purely made of human hair while others are synthetic. While others may resemble black Asian hair; there are also straight, curly and wavy Caucasian hair weaves and the best afro kinky hair extensions.

With many hair colors available, it is always ideal for selecting the ones that have the same shade as your normal hair. Because they are applied on top of your normal hair, they serve as protection to your scalp and hair from pollutants and against the intense rays of the sun. When buying hair extensions, it is best to check on the quality so you can enjoy the new look it gives you for a longer period of time.

100% Safe

Hair extensions are closely attached to your scalp and should be 100% safe by not causing any irritation due to some chemicals contents. Human hair extensions are basically safer than synthetic ones because they are natural.

afro hair extensionEasy to Manage

A hair extension that could be treated as similar as you do to your normal hair will not give any inconvenience. You just have to be more gentle while shampooing and combing. Be wary of shampoos and conditioners that have high alcohol content. They can cause your hair extension to become frizzy, tangled and unmanageable.


While human hair can last for the longest time, it may lose its natural characteristics due to exposure to chemicals and steam. The process of collection up to the time of processing it to become hair extensions should be done with much care so as not to break or alter the integrity of the hair.

When buying hair extensions, apply extra time to check on the warps and wefts done on the base of the hair extension if they are done well enough to hold the hair together.

hair extensionVersatile

The best part of having a hair extension is having the hair that you can style the way you like it to be. You can cut it as short as you want or dye it to whatever shade you want. You can even curl or wave it and straighten it the next day by using heat-styling techniques.

Indeed, hair extensions give women the options to recreate themselves and empower them with a different kind of high when they wear this wonderful beauty product that can bring them extraordinary amount of happiness and contentment.